Community is key to Harridans vision of harmonious living in pristine land estates.

It is our mission to create outstanding residential, commercial and industrial projects that have the greatest possible value as homes, businesses and investments. We seek to create communities that positively enhance the built, social and natural environments. By being a good corporate citizen and giving back to the communities in which we operate, we hope to establish a precedent for our communities to follow.

We Strongly believing that “profit is the reward for doing things right, and doing the right thing.” We therefore continue to make significant contributions to the community and many not for profit organisations.

We are always open to new partnerships and sponsors, especially for great causes. Feel free to get in contact with us to discuss the possibilities of a partnership.


Logan City Council - Eats & Beats

The Eats & Beats event has been a tremendous success and fantastic opportunity for the community to engage, enjoy some of the best local food truck meals and enjoy live music. The plan is simple, find vacant land, fill it with local vendors, find local bands, invite the community. The event has always attracted large masses of locals to engage with one another and enjoy a fantastic evening of atmosphere, food and music.

We are Harridan are always happy to oblige and donate our land for use to help keep the event costs down. We believe in the benefits of strong community engagement, and this is one of the best ones around.

Fiver for a farmer.JPG

Fiver for a farmer

Fiver for a farmer was started by a young Sydney boy named Jack Berne with a vision and a dream to help our Aussie farmers in through the hardships of the drought. His message was heard nation wide and many groups got on board with donations to help this fantastic cause.

For the day, many of us disregarded our standard business attire to dress up like farmers for the day and donated for the novelty.

We at Harridan and Holmwood Highgate jumped at the opportunity as we are an Australian owned and operated company and believe every penny counts to help our own.

The team of Harridan / Holmwood Highgate proudly supporting the cause with the money donated to this wonderful charity.

The team of Harridan / Holmwood Highgate proudly supporting the cause with the money donated to this wonderful charity.


Oxford Park | Mitchelton

Our most recently completed development in Mitchelton proved to be new grounds for Harridan regarding our development portfolio.

Harridan partnered with Help Enterprises over the course of probably 3 years to develop Help Enterprises owned land (including very significant civil works), and then build 2 x 5 bedroom houses, and 4 x villas. These residences provide independent living opportunities for up to 20 people with disability, and were built to international design standards for assisted living.

These residences are co-located with Help Enterprises commercial nursery (Oxford Park Nursery) which provides employment opportunities for people with disability, and is the site for Help Enterprises Disability Care Hub.